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Prom is right around the corner and it's not too late to find the dress of your dreams!

Take a look at 5 fashion trends for the hottest prom dresses that will work great for you!


Want to feel like a celebrity for a day? Go full blown "Old Hollywood" glam. With the variety of dresses worn by celebrities on the red carpet, Jovani has a collection of gorgeous dresses to choose from. There are countless amounts of celebrities that have worn Jovani on the red carpet for award shows and events; be a show stopper for a day and wear one too! With all of the photos you'll be taking on your big day, let your friends be the paparazzi as you stun in your Jovani dress!

Jovani style 171034

The tea-length dress is a classic! Hollywood's elite, like the beautiful, Traci Ellis Ross, have graced the red carpet wearing these A-line ensembles.

The burst of silver beading in this black tea-length dress creates a very sophisticated look. Not only was this seen on the red carpet, Jovani style 171034 was also featured in the April 2012 issue of Teen Vogue.

Have an appreciation for vintage fashion? Then this dress is perfect for you. This dress is also great for the curvier girl; going for a dress with a plunging neckline, cinched waistline, and full skirt will work; you'll look beautiful!

      Jovani style 17100                                          Jovani style 17430
The full-length bronze and black sequins of Jovani style 17100 is the epitome of luxe! The color combination and silhouette of this dress creates a stunning statuesque effect which is perfect, if you're into amazing architectural designs. When you think about sequins you think, flashy, which can be a bit overwhelming in a full-length evening gown, however, the sequins in this dazzling dress is subtle, which photographs well. Once you enter the room wearing this sexy, strapless, sequined number, we're positive your class will immediately take notice!

Pose for the flashing lights in this sexy white and gold ensemble! The sweetheart neckline and gold beading of this dress is definitely made for the girl who loves to shine, and if you have lovely legs, Jovani style 17430 is the one for you! The high slit gives you all the more reason to shut it down at prom! What we love most about this look is the vertical lines of beading going down the dress, wearing this will make anyone appear to be taller, which is always a plus!

With the silver beading in Jovani style 171034, bronze sequins in Jovani style 17100, and the gold beading in Jovani style 171430, you want to make sure you have a natural looking glow to compliment those metallic embellishments. For the big night, you want to keep that Old Hollywood momentum going, so a lovely red lip and red nail polish will look divine! With all of the metallic incorporations in your overall look, hints of metallic eye shadow of silver, gold, or bronze along with big bold lashes will really tie in your look. The best thing about this "Old Hollywood" glam trend is that your look will be classic, so take as many photos as you can! Everyone will remember how beautiful you looked during prom night, which will certainly leave a lasting impression on your friends!


The fashion rebel! Do you refer to yourself as one of Lady Gaga's little monsters? Do you vibe more with Jenny than Serena from Gossip Girl? Whatever the case is, if you're a rebellious rock star in the making, this is the look for you! 

           Jovani style 9530                                       Jovani style 6391
Go avante garde with this short, one-shoulder, zipper dressJovani style 9530. The ruffle effects of the zippers add a feminine appeal to your edgy look. The style of this dress is simple which make its very easy to wear. This dress is for the girl who isn't really into the fluff and fuss of “fancy” dresses. Your only concern is looking hot and with Jovani style 9530, you'll be sure to do that. With the ruffled zippers on one-side of the left hip, and one side of the right shoulder, it creates a bit of an optical illusion. You'll appear to have an amazing hourglass figure, which is great for a sexier approach to your punk rock look!
For prom, lace is really on trend. This dress is for the girl that appreciates the punk rock look, but still loves the classic approach to fashion. With the sheer overlay of tulle, neutral colored slip, and sweetheart neckline of this lace dress
Jovani style 6391 presents a very sexy, yet sophisticated punk rock edge!

Since these are not your traditional dresses for prom, you can even wear one of these looks to your prom after-party! However you decide to wear these dresses, you will definitely stun your class with your new, polished, punk rock look!

   Jovani style 3111                                                 Jovani style 173326

Speaking of stunning your class with a new, polished punk look for prom, between the beading, sequins, and ruffle details of Jovani styles 3111 and 173326, stunning your class would be a complete understatement!
Jovani style 3111 is practically dripping dark luxe. This beaded spaghetti strap gown with pleated wire ruffles on the hem of the skirt is pure drama! The halter neckline and hanging beads makes this gown sexy and edgy. This dress will be perfect for the girl who is both punk and prissy!

Be bold with Jovani style 173326! The bright red hue of this sequin dress will turn heads of your entire class! If your date wears converse with his tux, the two of you will complement each other like no other!

With all of the dark colors in these punk rock looks, go really heavy on the eyes with eyeliner by following a graphic eye liner trend; think "The Blondes" Spring 2012. This will really compliment your “Punk Rock” style by coming across with an overall subtle approach. In school, you’re known for your dark and daring fashions, but after prom, everyone will remember your daunting and dreadfully fabulous look! 

For prom, polish up the smokey eye shadow, loads of eyeliner, and layers of mascara from your everyday look, and try "Punk Rock Chic!"


Bring out your inner diva and go with a daring animal print or fabulous feather prom dress! More than likely, you were the one in high school with the craziest fashion sense; from animal print manicures, trendy hair extensions, and accessories to die for! If you’re that girl, then you’ll love these funky prom dresses!

  Jovani style 4692                                                  Jovani style 7978

The trend of peacock feathers is really popular for prom 2012. If you want to switch up your love for feline printed fashions, wear a peacock dress! The classic silhouette of this sweetheart neckline short dress (Jovani style 4692) is perfect for your big day. Since your fashion sense is nowhere near everyone else who prefers to go the "safe route," this dress will work! The best thing about wearing a peacock dress is that the beautiful colors of the feathers compliments every skin tone, which means this dress will look good on anyone! Birds of a feather flock together, but you’ll be sure to stand out from your crowd of friends with this new peacock trend!

Jovani style 7978 is perfect if you're a fun fashionista that likes to mix and match your prints. Between the leopard print, multi-colored crystal embellishments, and black ostrich feathers, become one with your animal instincts!
Shay Mitchell in Jovani style 3479

Can’t live without rocking leopard?

Then go for it, with Jovani style 3479! This dress is bright and fun, yet simple and classy. The bright color is not a classic choice for prom, but neither is your fashion sense so it works; plus, the embellished bust, and leopard print makes this strapless lime green dress super trendy. Dresses with empire waistlines are really wearable and will look good on any body type!   

Jovani style 111041                                            Jovani style 9345 

Stick with the traditional prom styles, but spice it up with amazing animal prints! Jovani style 111041 is perfect for that! With it's classic silhouette, bright red color, and it's leopard print, there's no reason why this exotic prom dress wouldn't be a hit!

Jovani style 9345 is very daring and is fun for the risk taking fashionista. This snakeskin print prom dress, is perfect for the girl who wants to maintain a classic look while keeping her fabulous "Animal Instinct" edge. The neutral colors of this mermaid gown allow you to do just that. Wear this dress to prom and you'll cause a striking uproar! 


Voted "Biggest Flirt" of your class? Then you should love these fun and fabulous Jovani prom dresses! Not only are these short ball gowns and high low silhouettes flirty & frilly, these dresses are also very young, feminine, and on trend!

         Jovani style 3811                                                      Jovani style LE4301

Short ball gowns are always a fun alternative to classic ball gown dresses. With the crystal embellishments of both Jovani styles 3811, and LE4301, incorporating silver accessories with your look will compliment the crystals and make the dress pop! You're young, fun, and flirty, so these short dresses are perfect for you!

Jovani style LE111042                                                       Jovani style 3580

Jovani style LE111042 is for the girl who loves to have fun, and by the way, high-low dress styles are one of the trendiest looks for prom 2012. Not into following trends? You can keep it classic and go for a ballgown like Jovani style 3580 worn by a Jovani fan and "Face of Jovani" winner, McKensie Mitchell. 


The glamour girl! You are the go-to girl for beauty tips! Your hair, nails, and makeup are always done to perfection, and you love any and everything with bling, so why not express your inner glitter goddess with your prom dress? From sexy sequined numbers, to beautiful beaded embellishments, these Jovani dresses will be sure to add extra shine to your glittery aura!
Jovani style S4247                                                          Jovani style 171638

Bling is certainly the "it" thing for prom 2012, and with these two beautiful crystal encrusted dresses you can’t go wrong!The sweetheart neckline of Jovani style S4247 gives the dress more of a luxe appeal for the super glamorous girl! Jovani style 171638 is just as glamorous, however much more bedazzled in crystals! Being that these dresses are silver, it would be best to use your make up to play around with colors!

Jovani style 11002                                              Jovani style 4275

This dress is perfect for the ultimate glamour girl! Walk into the room with this beautiful ombre dress (Jovani style 11002) and you'll be sure to be the center of attention, because this full length sequined prom dress will have you shining brighter than the stars!
Jovani style 4275 is perfect for the girl who lives for drama... in a good way of course! With its long sheer “shoulder train,” sashay through the crowd of your class with this sexy dress and sparkle as you dance the night away! The mirrored sequins and the sheer panels make this dress both sexy and fun!

When getting ready for prom, keep in mind that these dresses do not require any major accessories because with all of the bright embellishments, these fabulous dresses shine on their own. Dig deeper into your "Glitter Goddess" and incorporate, glimmer, shimmer, and any other type of sparkly cosmetics into your makeup! Bright lip colors are on trend this season. Consider wearing a fun pink or orange lipstick shade. Pair that lip color with your nail polish and be the trendiest girl at prom!

Jovani style LE102613


For prom, you want to pick a dress that is as close to your personality as possible. Before graduation, prom is the last time you can have a blast with your friends, so make it memorable with these Jovani dresses!

Friday, April 13, 2012


(Left) Hollie Cvanagh in Jovani style 171924
(Middle) Jaimie Hilfiger in Jovani style 9470
(Right) Pia Toscano in Jovani style 14338

We’ve introduced you to ways to rock your little black dress this Spring, but now there is a new classic look to go for, the Little White Dress! Get the thought of
wedding dresses and bridal party dresses out of your head! Its spring and these LWD's are perfect for any occasion.

Celebrities have been spotted at red carpet events, luncheons, and out on the town wearing Little White Dresses and now you can too!

            Spring/Summer 2012
            (Left to Right) Louis Vuitton, Giambattista Valli, Chloe
During Spring/Summer fashion week, designers such as Louis Vuitton, Giambattista Valli, and Chloe have presented this trend; now the Little White Dress is definitely a wardrobe staple.There is a wide range of Little White Dresses you can incorporate into your wardrobe this season from lace styles, peplum looks, dropped waist silhouettes and more!
Spring is a time where fun social events such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and a broad range of ALL WHITE affairs arise, so now is the time to put your caution to rest! You no longer have to be afraid to wear white before Memorial Day. The Little White Dress is a spring fashion trend that will transition well into the summer, all the way up until Labor Day!

With the variety of cocktail dress styles, Jovani definitely has a number of Little White Dresses to choose from. Depending on your specific style, preference, and the occasion you plan on attending, these Little White Dresses will be a fabulous addition to your wardrobe!


Jovani style LE17473

Jovani style LE17473 is the perfect LWD to have in your wardrobe! Besides the fact that you'll probably be the only one with this Limited Edition dress, this is the ultimate party dress; it's easy, light, and simple! The crystal embellished strap that extends all the way down to the hemline adds a sexier appeal to the dress and will look amazing when worn at night!

Wear this to an Independence Day celebration and you'll shine brighter than the fireworks!

To be patriotic, add red and blue accessories to your look!

Jovani style 171924
Feathers are the most fun, flirty, and fashionable way to wear white!

open back lace dress, Jovani style 171924 is perfect for an easy going spring day. Wear this dress on a date or even to a party.

The sophistication of the lace and flirtiness of the feathers give you the option to dress your look up or down.

Jovani style 4435

Not ready to go all the way white?

Wear a LWD with a
metallic appliqué like Jovani style 4435.

You can also go for a super chic and sophisticated look by wearing a white blazer over these feather cocktail dresses, so it appears as if paired it with a feather skirt!

There are so many ways to rock this look! The moment you wear any of these gorgeous dresses you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd, which gives you all more the reason to wear one of these dresses to a fabulous all white affair!

Jovani style 171641                  Jovani style 4817 
                  More of a classic gal?

Jovani styles 171641 and 4817 are definitely the LWD's for you. These dresses are clean, simple, and chic!

Incorporating these two dresses into your wardrobe is a must! This spring, it is essential to have a lovely lace dress for both day and night!

Jovani style 171641 is a beautiful daytime look.  Not only is this dress is 100% wearable, this dress can be worn by fashionistas of all ages. Wear this dress to a luncheon or any daytime celebration and be radiant and refined! This modest sheath dress is also perfect to wear to work.

With its
sweetheart neckline and crystal embellishments, Jovani style 4817 is perfect for a classy night time look. Wear this dress to a cocktail or dinner party and you'll be sure to stun your guest! Wear these dresses to an upscale occassion or a daytime soiree and you'll be sure be 100% classically chic!

There are so many Jovani Little White Dresses you can incorporate into your wardrobe!
For more LWD’s, visit WWW.JOVANI.COM

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The Pistol Annies at the Hunger Games movie premier
in Hollywood (Left to Right)
Miranda Lambert, Angeleena Presley (
style 7760)
style 3987)

With the variety of styles this trend comes in, fashionable women of all different shapes and sizes own one!

Add new styles of the little black dresses into your closet this season because these party dresses are perfect for lovely Spring/Summer special occasions!

In spring, it’s understandable that you would prefer to stay away from black; however, you can pair your LBD with a bunch of the latest spring color trends! Color block with accessories, incorporate metallic into your outfit, or go with a classic look and follow the black & white trend! Wearing a white purse, shoes or a cute white floppy hat will really make your LBD season appropriate!

From sexy styles, lace styles, and beaded styles, Jovani has a very wide range of little black dresses! Take a look at a few Jovani LBD styles you can incorporate into your wardrobe!


Style 17957                                  Style 5400                                   Style 4886

The sexy LBD is simply just that; sexy, little and black. These dresses are usually short and simple, great for cocktail parties and events alike. With little to no embellishments, these Jovani styles are all classic little black dresses... with a twist!

For a fun and flirty look, this strapless dress with an amazing feather skirt (Jovani style 17957) will sure do the trick! Pair this dress with nude colored pumps (to elongate your legs) along with long or hoop earrings! Doing this will increase the “flirty-ness” of your look!

There is nothing better than being able to wear your dress all day! Go from a stylish work day to sexy date night in this slit sleeved, open back dress, Jovani style 5400. For work, wear a blazer and a basic pump, and at the end of the day, leave your blazer in your office and enjoy your night out on the town!

For a halter dress like the one Miranda Lambert wore to the Hunger Games premiere, Jovani style 4886 is great option. This halter dress is backless and has a crystal embellished neckline which gives this classic look a sexier edge.

The best thing about these dresses is that they are all very wearable for both daytime and night time. The simple details of each of dress style really makes these dresses must have pieces for the season and definite essentials for your wardrobe.

Style 3987                                      Style 171289                                          Style 71515

Lace dresses are always a perfect alternative to the "classic" LBD. With the variety of lace prints and dress styles, these Jovani dresses are great if you'd like to pull off a more refined look. Although these dresses are very different in style, these sophisticated looks can all be worn for the same occasion and styled the same exact way. Choosing one of these dress styles all depends on your personal preference.

Are you more reserved? If so, Jovani style 71515 is perfect for you! This long sleeved lace dress is very conservative, so when it comes to pairing it with accessories, shoes are what you want to look after. Metallic shoes in silver, gold, or bronze will work great.

If you are a little more daring, you can wear Jovani style 3987 like Ashley Monroe of the Pistol Annie’s. She incorporated metallic into her look with a bronze clutch. You can either accessorize with shoes or a handbag, but any way you want to throw metallic into your look would work! To brighten things up, try pairing this dress with a bright colored shoe. Electric blue, neon yellow or hot pink would really balance out the sophisticated look of the black lace.
If you aren’t into to the all over lace look, you may prefer a LBD with a lace inset, such as style Jovani 171298. It is not to daring and not too reserved. This sleeveless dress is young and flirty; however, sticking with the spring metallics trend will really work best. Wear a stack of cool bangles with long earrings to really pull together your look!

Due to its classic style, these lace LBD’s are more appropriate for the evening. Wear these dresses to a cocktail party, pair it with a beautiful cocktail ring and you’re set!

         Style 9448                               Style 14338                             Style 171300                            

Beaded little black dresses are very popular this year! When wearing these dresses, it’s best to let the dress speak for itself and incorporate neutral colored hues. With the beading and sexy sheer cut outs, a simple nude or black pump is all that’s needed.

For a more subtle approach to the beaded black dress, try 9448 because it has a minimum amount of sheer panels in all of the right places. If you like the idea of showing a little more skin, Jovani style 171300 is perfect! It has strategically placed beading which allows you to stay covered up enough while still remaining sexy.

If you are daring like Paris Hilton and not afraid to bare all, Jovani style 14338 is the one for you! With its spaghetti straps, plunging neckline, open back, and great deal of sheer panels, this dress is a definite showstopper.

The beautiful color combination of black and flesh colored hues are perfect for a spring night time look! Stand out in a crowd of flashy fashionistas when going to an event in these sexy beaded dresses!

Keep in mind; you can always add a little pop of color into your look without compromising the “nude and black” color combo by wearing a bright colored lip or nail polish! With these electrifying dresses, hot colored hues work well, or you can try a more toned down look and wear soft colored hues like a pretty pink pastel! Remember, whenever you feel as though that special pop of color is missing from somewhere in you look, immediately go for your lips and nails!

Whether you are a sexy, sophisticated or flashy fashionista, Jovani little black dresses are great for you! The beautiful thing about these classic dresses are that they are timeless. With a few styling techniques, you can wear these dresses all year. Spring is here, so now is the time to update your wardrobe with new and improved key pieces! For more of these LBD styles, check out our official website at!!