Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SAG Awards Red Carpet: Get The Look

Complimenting the red carpet, stars align with bright pops of color and fabulous fashions for the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards! Spring presented itself early on the red carpet with bright shades of green and blue, to cool shades of grey and nude. Every one from Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Sofia Vergara, and the entire cast of glee, of course, were some of the SAG awards best dressed! One of our best dressed of the night was Actress and SAG awards nominee, Janet McTeer!

Actress and nominee, Janet McTeer, radiated on the red carpet of the SAG Awards last night, wearing a custom made Jovani Gown, (style 5756)!

Want the red carpet look? 
Take a look at these beautiful Jovani red carpet dresses! 

Bright, bold and vibrant!

If any color on the runway caught anyone's attention, it was this! Wearing a beautiful green gown, Emily blunt graced the red carpet glowing as bright as the hue of her dress! This green one shoulder Jovani dress, style 151627 is feminine, classy, and fun! 

The Classic Black Dress
Just as Maria Menoums did, opt for a sleek and chic black dress that classically presents your curves to it's full potential! Going for a mermaid style enhances the appearance of your curves even more, allowing the detail of the Jovani dress (style 8872) to shine through!

Red and revealing!
It is said to never wear red on the red carpet, however, this beautiful shade of red works! For this sexy but subtle look worn by Anna O'Reilly, go for this sleek and sleeveless, open back Jovani dress, style 3112! The style of this dress is very easy. From the front it's a classy full length dress which gives you a classically chic look, and from the back, well, sexy siren of course. With the high slits and crystal embellishment on the back, this Jovani dress definitely leaves a lasting impression.

Jovani has a few red carpet dresses that will instantly give you that star power! Worn by the likes of Angela Kinsey and Beth Leavel, Jovani evening dresses are a favorite amongst red carpet royalty! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Along with world renowned color specialists Pantone; Bloggers, Stylist, and Fashion Forecasters alike have all predicted a sunny wardrobe with a slight chance of…orange!

As seen on the Spring/Summer 2012 runways, Bottega Veneta, Reed Krakoff and Matthew Williamson, have all created collections with lovely orange pieces! Clearly, this is definitely the go-to color for Spring. The fact that orange comes in so many shades, makes it completely wearable. The wide range of colors will leave you with limitless options on how to incorporate this trend into your look. The best part is, for the most part, orange looks amazing on almost every skin tone, and gives a natural glow!

Exuding a natural glow makes everyone look beautiful, and to complement this, Jovani has a number of dresses in lovely shades of orange! 

Take a look at these Jovani dresses you can wear to follow this trend! 

This carrot colored dress is super fun, easy, and very versatile!
One sleeved Cocktail Dress with crystal embroidered appliquè. Jovani style 4729

This sizzling hot Multi-Colored Jovani Cocktail dress 
will instantly give a a fierce and fiery look! 
 Long Sleeved Open Back, Sequins Multi Colored Dress. Jovani style 9693 

In Carrot, Coral, and Neon Orange, these beautiful Jovani Mermaid Gowns are fit for a fashion forward queen!
Left: Orange One-Shoulder Mermaid Dress (Jovani style 171174
Middle: Orange Strapless Ruffled Mermaid Dress with Crystal Details (Jovani style 3013)
Right: Orange Tulle Mermaid Dress with Jeweled Details (Jovani style 30002)

These Jovani dresses are perfect for occasions like a spring cocktail party or summer prom!

Too Shy to Try the Head to Toe Look?

With a bright color like orange, sometimes it’s best to just simply add a pop! A little goes a long way, so no matter how you decide to tie in this trend, a lovely shade of orange will instantly brighten up your look! Luxury accessory brand, Hermès presented an array of orange handbags and accessories in their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Not only is that a subtle way to tie this trendy color into your look, it’s easy and chic! Wearing a belt, handbag, a scarf, and even something as simple as a really cute cocktail ring will effortlessly keep you in style. When it comes to beauty, little touches such as nail polish or lipstick would be a really cool way to incorporate this trend. Member in the orange family such as Tomato, Pumpkin, Carrot, Tangerine and Papaya, are a few colors (fruits and vegetables) that work well when paired with neutrals.


Tangerine is a really cool orange! It’s fun, fresh, and vibrant! You can pretty much wear this color with anything. If you want to go head to toe in tangerine, definitely do so! Most of the Spring/Summer 2012 collections have specifically used this color for a head to toe look because of its beautiful hue!

Tomato is the darkest shade of orange, also known as red-orange. In most cases, when choosing a lip color in the orange family, this is it! If you’re going to do an orange lip you either have to go for a pretty pale hue of orange or go bright and bold! It would be best to go with this look if your ensemble is toned down with a neutral color pallete of white, nude, or tan. Over doing the color with be too much.

Pumpkin is one of the more common shades of orange. Popular amongst leather goods and handbags, this color is definitely a go for accessories! With its warm hue and hint of a neutral tone, pairing this color with pieces in your closet makes it easier to follow this trend and complete you're look!

Carrot is also one of the more common shades of orange! Not only does this make a great nail polish color, it looks awesome with everything. As we mentioned before, orange looks amzing on almost every skin tone, so if your looking for a color that brings out your complexion the most, this is the orange to go for!

Neon Orange is a very bright shade of orange which is usually found in sportswear. This color also makes for a great for a nail color! Be fun and daring in the brightest shade of orange. Pairing this color with others of the neon family such as neon pink, green yellow, and electric blue creates a super fun retro look, while remaining current with the latest trend!

Papaya is a pale tint of orange, which can be considered as a pastel. This is definitely a great color to wear during Spring and Summer! Wearing papaya with any other shade of orange is really an amazing way to cover so many trends! From rocking a pastel, color blocking with other shades in this color family, and by simply being orange, if done the right way, this color can cover three trends in one! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Next season, spring instantly becomes alive with another major trend, color blocking! Color blocking has resurfaced from the iconic 60’s and has be seen in colorful designer collections for Spring/Summer 2012. Designers and fashion brands such as Oscar De La Renta, Peter Som, and Preen have presented this trend, leaving runways flooded with a mix of mild to vibrant hues!

There are a few key factors to take into consideration when putting together your look. First, choose colors that work best for you, then choose colors that complement each other and lastly, choose what pieces you’re going to color block! With a wide spread of colors, there are so many ways you can incorporate this color blocking trend into your look! One of the easiest ways to follow this trend would be to wear a color-blocked dress. Choosing a color blocked dress that works great with your personal style, gives you the confidence to pull of this look effortlessly!

Here are a few Jovani color-blocked dresses that will work for you!

Bold and Bright
Go bold with this bright and electrifying multicolored striped Jovani dress! (Jovani style 171907) This dress is young, fun, and flashy! Paring this dress with different color accessories (as seen on the model above) is a great way to fully embrace this trend!

Classic and Chic!
For a basic color-blocking look, this Black, White, and Pink embellished dress 
(Jovani style 171677) is an easy and classic way to wear this trend. Basic neutral colors like black and white allows you to add a pop of color and excitement to your look!

Simple and Subtle!
This coral, yellow, pink, and metallic beaded dress (Jovani style 71313) is a very sleek way to wear this color blocking trend! The dress is easy, simple, and incorporates three simple colors which works well with every skin tone. Along with the colors, the metallic beading of this dress naturally gives you a glowing effect adding even more color to you aura!

Dark and Daring
This multicolored short sleeved sequins cocktail party dress (Jovani style 171471) works great if you want to incorporate just a little color but still remain daring. This Jovani cocktail dress will be sure to turn heads with the daring length and gleaming colors!

Elegant and Easy!
This Jovani one shoulder sequins dress (Jovani style 9397) is your classic little black dress with a twist! With two shades of pink on one side and two shades of purple on the other, along with the touch of green, instantly adds fun to this look. This full length sequins gown is definitely the go to dress if you want to look elegant and follow this trend.

Monochromatically Color Blocking
You can follow this trend by wearing items that are tints and shades of the same color. You could build your whole outfit from shades of pink! If you are feeling more adventurous, you could mix colors that are in the same family. Pinks and reds or blues and greens work well too. Whether the hues are different shades of the same color, or colors in the same color family, this monochromatic look creates a powerful statement! You can even color block with denim going from the lightest shade to the darkest shade! If you prefer a sleek and chic way of dressing, then this would be perfect for you!

Color Blocking with Accessories
Jovani "Bailey" Shoe
Once you've got your main hues presented in your outfit, take color-blocking to the next level with accessories! If you've got a deep-hued top, skirt or dress, pair it with bright accessories and vice-versa. A bright yellow top looks great with dark blue bracelets, and a bright pink skirt pairs nicely with a deep purple shoe. This works well if you already have a colorful wardrobe and have the slightest idea how to put some of your pieces together. Look around in your closet and play with what you’ve got!

Color Blocking with Separates
When it comes to color-blocking with separates, the easiest way to pull off this look would be to pair a bright hue with a neutral hue. Once you've gotten the hang of it, pair two bold colors. If you’ve already gotten the hang of it and you’re actually daring enough, wear a bright colored Jovani cocktail dress with a bright colored pair of tights and shoes! If you want to get retro, rev up the look with colorful accessories as we mentioned above. However, if you’re a beginner, try starting with a neutral top in either nude, black, or white and a bright colored bottom! Those neutral colors will work well with bright colors, allowing you to have fun with your look!

If you come to the point where you are unsure as to what colors to put together, take a look at a fashionistas best friend, the color wheel!

Colors opposite from each other, usually work the best when worn together. Red & green and yellow & blue are basic primary colors that works well! Whether it’s tied together within a dress, with a mixture of accessories, or  paired with separates, it works!

Take a look in your closet, and play dress up with a bunch of your colorful clothes. See what works, and see what doesn't! When you figure it out, try incorporating this color blocking trend into your look.

Post photos onto our official Jovani Facebook page, we’d love to see!

Monday, January 23, 2012


After a freezing season of layering your finest winter fashions, style makers and trendsetters are excited to embrace the new Spring trends! One of the most popular trends found on the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan, were girly pastels! Using pretty pinks, mint greens, lilacs, and pale blues, designers such as Phillip Lim, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs, have all incorporated this trend into their Spring 2012 collections.
Reminiscent of sweet treats, pastels possess an unspoken sense of innocence, and like Jovani Fashions, they’re incredibly feminine and fun! Take a look at these perfect pastel Jovani dresses that incorporate this trend!

Cupcake Couture! 

Pretty Pastel Short and Cocktail Dresses!

 (Left) Lilac Flower Embellished Bustier Dress with Ruffled Skirt. Jovani style 173029 
(Middle) Pink Feathered Dress with Crystal Embellished Waistline. Jovani style 5120 
(Right) Coral Beaded Dress with Feathered Skirt. Jovani style 5857

Pastel Evening Dresses!
(Left) Light Blue Crystal Embellished Mermaid Dress. Jovani style 9749
(Right) Pale Yellow One Shoulder Chiffon Evening Gown. Jovani style 111042

Pastel Evening Gowns!

(Left) Green One Shoulder Dress with Beaded Corset and Flower Detail. Jovani style 111043
(Right) Light Pink Strapless Ball Gown with Beaded Corset. Jovani style 3606

Wear it Now or Wear it Later!

Can’t wait to embrace this trend? Try incorporating these pastel pieces in your winter wardrobe by pairing a soft-colored dress with opaque tights and booties! When it comes to the makeup, you can warm things up a bit by opting for a smoldering smoky eye and a nude lip. To complement those sexy eyes, go for dark accessories that will allow the soft hues in your dress to really shine. This is just one way to get into the "spring" of things.

Before you know it, spring will be here and pastel colors will fill the air with sweet shades, as well as the store racks! To fully embrace the trend, try pairing pastel pieces with light and nuetral tones to exude an effortless style. Those daring fashionistas may want to embark on another fashion adventure by incorporating another spring trend, color-blocking! This trend features a layering of many vibrant and pastel colors in one look. Going with nude or metallic shoes would be the best way to tie in this look, along with a fresh face of natural makeup! This sweet and innocent look will be a great way to start off the new season. 

Either way, you are sure to look sweet in these pastel Jovani Fashions

For more pretty pastels, visit JOVANI.COM!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Win a free Jovani T-Shirt!

Visit our official Facebook page and enter for your chance to win!

Besides the fact that these limited edition Jovani T-shirts are cute, classic, and comfy, they’re 100% cotton, and 100% versatile! With the classic grey color, you can practically wear it with anything. Go from casual to chic by adding this T-Shirt and a few statement pieces to your outfit.

It can be worn with a boyfriend blazer and skinny jeans, a cute cardigan and leggings, or even with a simple pair of sweats! Feeling girly? Dress it up! Wear it with a really cool skirt and an awesome statement piece, like a really great necklace!

Express your love for Jovani Fashions and enter for your chance to win! The winner will be chosen by random selection and at 3 PM on Friday, January 27th, we will announce the Lucky Winner!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fashionistas: In All Shapes in Sizes!

Multi-Colored Animal Print Silk Chiffon Dress. Jovani style 111062
In case you haven't noticed, fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes, and so does Jovani Fashions! From prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, and couture dresses, Jovani dresses range from size 0 to 24, and can even be special ordered up to a size 32! These orders include, every dress on JOVANI.COM

 If you're that voluptuous fashionista in search of that special dress, Jovani fashions will make finding it a lot easier for you! Here are some really chic styles that will specifically work for you!

Empire Waistlines

For the pear shaped woman, a dress with an empire waistline works great for you. With the high waistline and flowy bottom, this style will provide you with an illusion that will camouflage your problem areas. Issues with undergarments, are no longer a factor. A simple bra is all that's needed, which will ultimately enhance your busts. Dresses with an empire waistline may just be one of the most flattering styles for any body type, providing you with both comfort, class, and style!
Blue Silk Chiffon Dress with Beaded Empire Waistline. Jovani style 111059

Hi-Low Silhouette
Hi-low dresses will also work great for any body type! This is definitely the go to dress if you have beautiful legs. With these bold prints, bright colors, and flower and ruffled details, along with the hi-low hemlines takes away from any problem area, allowing your legs be the focal point! The drama of the train will elongate your figure and provide you with a night full of compliments!

Multi-Colored Print Hi-Low Dress. Jovani style 7450           Lime Green Hi-Low Ruffled Dress. Jovani style 172201

Mermaid Dress

For the hourglass woman, mermaid dresses accentuates your curves, instantly giving you that "Va Va Voom" appeal! Although a great pair of spanx is much needed for this dress, you will be confortable with the fact that everything is held in all the right places, allowing you vivacious figure to shine through. The femininity and form fitting silhouette of this beautiful Jovani dress, will define a whole new meaning of sexy!

Nude and Black Evening Gown with Sequin detail. Jovani style 17438

One Shoulder Dress

If you're shaped like an inverted triangle, dresses with one angled shoulder will work great for you! These dresses elongate your upper body, giving you a defined look. Going with this dress ultimately provides you with a sense of elegance, which will for sure turn heads when you walk into a  room!

Silk Chiffon One Shoulder Dress with Crystal Detail

Red and White Print. Jovani style111064                            Lime Green. Jovani style111065

Before getting the spanx, accessories, and shoes, figure out your specific body type. Are you a full hourglass? pear shaped? apple shaped? or an inverted triangle? After figuring out your specific body type, examine your best features! You will be sure to make the dress shopping process a lot more easier. There are a bunch of beautiful Jovani dresses for the plus size woman that are not only elegant, comfortable, and sexy, but mood enhancing! Nothing is better than feeling great in your dress!

For more plus size Jovani dresses, visit our website! JOVANI.COM

Reinvent Yourself!

Purple Sequins Dress with Bow Detail and Chiffon Skirt. Jovani style 3454
When it comes to fashion, reinventing yourself is probably one of the best things you can do to update your style! A few accessories, and maybe a little make up can help, but going for a dress you can wear two ways will instantly give you a whole new look! These type of dresses are usually very popular in wedding dresses, however, Jovani has these convertible fashions in prom dresses and cocktail dresses too! 

These Jovani dresses start off as long beautiful evening dresses, but when the skirt is removed, it instantly turns into a very fun and fabulous short dress! So let's say you have an event, you can make an entrance one way,  and enjoy the rest of your night in another! This would not only "wow" your guests, but it will give you a new look and a new attitude! 
Photographed wearing the dress already? Wear it another way and no one would even know! When going to an event or party, it's more than likely that you will be photographed, and everyone knows, you couldn't possibly be seen wearing the same dress again. For this reason, you will benefit entirely from purchasing one of these Jovani dresses, simply because you can wear it again! Even after you've made the photo of you in the dress your Facebook "profile pic!"

The thing about a Jovani convertible dress is, you're able to switch up your style without having to purchase another dress, because you're getting two dresses in one! This is very beneficial for the fashionably frugal! If you wore this dress to an event one way, by all means, show your inner fashion goddess and wear it again, in a complete different way. Switch up the accessories and there you go! Just by changing your shoes and accessories, that one of a kind Jovani dress, now has another opportunity to shine!

These dresses are perfect for proms and after party dresses, and ideal for birthdays. Switching up your look is more than saving money, being photographed a bunch of times, and making an entrance, its about having fun!

Here are some Jovani dresses that you can wear two ways!

With these bold prints, go from fun and flamboyant to 
cute and classy in this mixed print hi-low dress with removable skirt. Jovani Style 71917

 From sexy goddess, to fabulous and fierce in this sequin flame print dress with removable belt and tulle skirt!
Jovani Style 172207

 From dramatic diva to classically chic in this Black and Silver Cocktail Dress with Removable tulle skirt! 
Jovani Style b527

Visit jovani.com for more style of convertible dresses!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes: Get the Look!

On Sunday night, Hollywood's elite lit up the red carpet to celebrate the 69th annual Golden Globe awards! Not only is this award show one of the biggest nights in movies and television, but it's the biggest night in fashion! The red carpet was flooded with designer dresses worn by the likes of Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron, Laura Dern, Paula Patton, Lea Michele and more!

From the film Albert Nobbs, wearing this beautiful gown by Jovani Fashions, the highly acclaimed British Actress and Golden Globe nominee, Janet McTeer, was definitely one of our red carpet favorites!

Janet McTeer on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes 
wearing a custom-made version of  Jovani  Style 171049

Want these fabulous red carpet looks? 
Check out these Jovani red carpet styles! 

To get this shimmery beaded look Salma Hayek is wearing, 
try this Jovani black and bronze beaded gown!  Jovani style 17100
 For this soft and pretty ruffled looked  'Young Adults' Actress, Charlize Theron is wearing;
this Jovani pink high-low, ruffled dress will be sure to have you named best dressed!  
Jovani style 171732
     For a glimmering green head to toe look like Laura Dern of Showtime's 'Enlightened,' 
Jovani has this beautiful shiny green dress! Jovani style 173326
For this shimmering, metallic optical illusion look Lea Michele of Glee is wearing, 
go for this beautiful Jovani nude and metallic, sheer dress!  Jovani style 173326
This bright and vibrant look worn by Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol Actress, 
Paula Patton, is very fresh, fun, and young! To get this look, 
go for this Jovani sweetheart neckline dress! Jovani style 71525

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Fair "Destination" Wedding...

Costa Rica, Mexico, Aruba, Paris, and Hawaii, are some of the top go-to places for destination weddings. For most brides, having a destination wedding means, peace, serenity, and an intimate setting. With all of the preparation for the big day, finding the perfect destination wedding dress is top priority! Usually, destinations wedding take place on a beach, so when searching for your wedding dress, light fabrications, easy silhouettes, and comfort are key elements that should be taken into consideration.

These Jovani wedding dresses are perfect for a destination wedding!

 Beaded Gown (Style 157713)                   Pleated Long Gown (171534)                Gown with Train (Style 9518

A bride knows exactly what she wants for her wedding, but with only a few weeks before the big day, celebrity event planner David Tutera shows up and changes everything. On WE tv's original series My Fair Wedding, Tutera, meets and sits down with the bride-to-be, learns her tastes, observes her style, and before tackling these brides’ and their outlandish ideas, in a short period of time, he creates a dream wedding above their expectations and beyond their imagination!

According to WeTV.com, "For David, making the day extraordinarily special begins with understanding each bride’s moving personal story —"

As David prepares for each wedding takeover and bridal makeover, he realizes there's more to each bride-to-be than what appears on the surface of her outlandish ideas presented to him.

WeTV.com also states "Whether she wants a shabby chic-themed wedding, entirely goth ceremony, picnic or dragonfly décor, it’s up to David to uncover what she’s really trying to say and translate that into a glamorous, stylish and unforgettable affair!"

I for sure cant wait to watch! Be sure to tune in Sunday, January 15th, at 9pm/8pm central to see which beautiful Jovani will be featured on the Hawaiian Luau episode of  WE tv's original series, My Fair Wedding!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Miss America Pageant

Like many of the fans of Jovani Fashions, "Miss America represents the highest ideals. She is a real combination of beauty, grace, and intelligence, artistic and refined. She is a type which the American Girl might well emulate." This was said by the Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce President Frederick Hickma.

This Saturday, January 14th, live on abc, Miss America of 2011, Teresa Scanlan, will be crowning this years winner in a beautiful Jovani evening dress

At the pageant, everyone in the audience will receive the 2012 issue of Miss America Magazine! The magazine features 2011 Miss America, Teresa Scanlan wearing a number of beautiful Jovani dresses, along with features of the former Miss Americas, this year's 53 contestants, the 2012 Miss America preliminary hosts, national judges, and more!

Embellished one Shoulder Evening Gown (Style 8102)

Terri Polo (Left) Dena Blizzard (Right)
Also, be sure to tune in to see Jovani Fashions worn by Meet the Parents actress, Teri Polo, and Former Miss America, Dena Blizzard!
As we know, besides the personal interview, talent, swimsuit, evening wear, and onstage question portion, these Miss America Pageants aren't entirely judged, based on the contestants beauty and brains, you've got to have the entire package! 

Although we personally think a fabulous Jovani dress is more than enough to win the judges over, Miss Americas 2012 panel of judges may think otherwise. According to Polo, "judge from the field of talent," its not about becoming a pop icon on a reality show. Which is a bit contrary to the fact that the daughters of Kris Jenner, "judge from the Field of beauty" are just that! Polo also states, "it’s about her being accepted as an all-around package of being a sensational woman with brains, talent -- and beauty. All 53 of these girls qualify for that criteria. It’s very difficult to choose.“ 

With Polo, Blizzard, and Kris Jenner as hosts and judges, this years Miss America pageant should be very interesting; and with beautiful Jovani dresses worn by Miss America, the host, and judge, just makes it all worth watching!